Monday, 5 November 2012

Veronica´s Ghost

You should never put yourself in the mirror and repeat nine times followed by the name of Veronica. I know you may have heard this story ... You might think it's a lie and you don’t believe me... okay, it's okay, but please do not make fun of it and that you can fall into a terrible curse.

Veronica was14 year old girl doing spiritualism in an abandoned house not follow the rules of the ghosts, mocked throughout the invocation and a chair in the room came alive and fatally struck in the head. But vengeance of spirits did not end here: Veronica still not at peace. His spirit is eternally damned and now it is she who wants revenge on everyone who does not know how to respect the Hereafter.

Mary was a girl he met in college legend. She was too old to believe in that crap, she thought and laughed. Her friends were bitten, because if it was not so brave would have no problem in doing so. He went to a bathroom, accompanied by a companion and he did. Nothing happened and the group, laughing, quickly forgot it.

But Mary could not forget. By doing indesscriptible shivered ... and his nightmare began that night. Lying in bed, awakened by a strange sound. It was an indecipherable whisper heard near the neck. Also felt like someone breathing on his neck. Frightened, she got up and turned on the light. Nothing beside him. But he could not sleep all night.

The next day, he did not dare tell anyone of the university but was still terrified by what had happened the night before. In half of the class had to leave the service. When she entered the bathroom, it was very cold and a layer of fog covered the mirror. Mary cleaned by hand and saw with horror that after she had a girl with an expression of hatred and blood to the head. When he looked back, there was nobody. He laughed nervously, thinking it was all his imagination, nerves and fatigue. However, turning to the mirror he saw something that left white. The fog had written sentence: "You should not invite me back."

Mary could not stand it. Locked in an asylum, saying only that the ghost was tormenting Veronica. He could not stand it and ended up committing suicide.

I would think twice before getting in the Hereafter

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