Sunday, 4 November 2012

The zombie town

There was once a town completely unoccupied. One autumn afternoon, reached the abandoned village a traveler who took the wrong road.

He knocked on the door of the first hut and then ... appeared a hungry zombie and a cannibal, when suddenly the traveler caught and killed. The zombie ate his brain and cannibal ate the flesh of his whole body. Since that occurred, the travelers ghost tries to scare the people that passes through there for not happening to them the same that happened to him.

The following year, I was passing by, carrying a shotgun and two pistols parts, not afraid of anything. I went to the ghost town and warned me of the danger, I went into the cabin and there were the two beasts. First I killed the cannibal (was easy), but with the zombie was not the same: I shot a bunch of times until finally got killed. The trouble was that he bitted my arm so hard that he tore it.

I felt strange sensations and discovered that I became one of those beasts. I bitted all people I met. That became a huge chaos.

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