Friday, 28 February 2014


The Eleraffe has a smaller head but a very long neck.Its has four thick legs.Its upper body is yellow and orange and with brown spots around its body, and the rest of the body is grey and without spots.They live on land but they can walk in less water.They live in Africa's savannahs.Its herbivore and they aren't dangerous or aggresives.And has an smaller and finer tail.


It is a very dangerous animal of Africa. It hasn't got legs but has a very strong tai to move. It's got very long hair. It eats other animals or people, three or five per month. It is very long (3 m). It's got long theeth with venom. It lives under the ground. It can swimm very fast, but it can't climb trees or jump.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


The Snakey, is an animal that have the head and arms of a normal monkey and the snake's tail(All more or less 1 m.)This animal can climb with the monkey's arms and swim with the tail.Is herbivore ,they eat same leaves or little fruits.The Snakey is  not consider an inteligence animal,is very easy to hunt it,and this way in Africa they hunt it for make snake skin bags... Is an animal  from land but most of the times are on the water,mainly fresh water.They live in rivers that are in places with tropical climate.The sankey is not really an animal for have it at home, but you can have is because is not dangerous,only the tail that is very strong can hurt you.
Maybe is not the mos tbeatifull or the most smart but is really funny!