Monday, 5 November 2012

One day I was in the cementary, puting flowers to my grandmother,when the sky  blue and cleare become black, and claudy.
-What happens? I said, but I dont give it  so importance.

Then I hear some noises like if a door were opening and I was more scared.

-What happens mum? Hello mum come here!

I run to the doors but all of them were close i run and run but  I never got to  get away from that
sinister place. I was terrified.  I shouted a lot and in that moment I think that the day for me was been more longer. T he sky  become more dark  and  a lot of steps were following me and I was hearing:

- We need help,alexia,alexia,we need help,alexia,alexia,alexia....

What they are? i thougth.But when I look behind me....


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