Monday, 25 February 2013

Outdoor Activities

I'm have solved the problem, please i hope you like it

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Greetings from Italy!

Hi Diana,

I´m in Italy. The weather is hot and it´s very sunny, the place is fantastic. I´m staying at an apartment,    
it´s very good and beautifull. I´m with two other people, they are very funny and very friendly.  This is a picture of the apartment.
There is a large beach near and I go swimming and walking every day.
Wish you were here!

Listening Activities and More

Here there are all the listening activities and things for practising English. Enjoy them!

Listening (and Reading)

Phonetics and Pronunciation

The Guardian 
The Times 
The Economist 
The Independent 
The Daily Mirror 
The Irish Times 
In Madrid

UK. BBC, direct link to download podcasts Australia. ABC Radio National,

Spain. Vaughan Radio,


US American English, this dictionary includes the pronunciation of words

Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Monolingual Dictionary Bilingual Dictionary,

General practice,
General practice,
General practice for basico 1,
General practice,

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Greeting from Barcelona !

Hi cousin.
 I´m staying in Barcelona.It´s fantastic and the weather here it´s great.
I´m staying in a hotel. There is a very big swimming pool and lot of food and drinks.
I let you a picture of the beach near the hotel.I´m always there.
Every morning, i wake up early so i can go to do sport at the beach.
Wish you were here!

Greeting from Italy


  Hi my dear friend,

 I'm in Italy. I like it so much, the weather here is fantastic, is very sunny. I'm in a very big hotel, is          beautiful I like this place. I go walking every morning around the street and my brother is impressed. The people here is so friendly.

Write soon 



Greetings from Las Vegas

Dear Dani :

We're in Las Vegas . We're in a hotel with lots of shops inside it.This is a picture of it . It's fantastic! 

Also here there are a lot of casinos and a lot of shops and hotels .
Today we're going to a concert with famous singers .It would be great!
The weather is very good and today after the concert we will go to a casino to play .
Tomorrow we will go to California  to the beach.

P.D: We're in the 34 level and in the 5th room.
Now, through my window, I can see 2 famous actors entering to an studio : Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem .

Please write soon.

Best Wishes


Prado Museum

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Maria M. My Animal

It has got four legs , normal tail . Some of these animals are dangerous but others not . They can be of many colours:  black , white, etc.Are domestic animals. They eat all that you give. The can run very quickly. Are lot species of these animals. They are the best friend of the humans.

My favourite animal

I love the animal I´m going to describe now.
It is normal size but in my opinion I think is bigger than me.
They are similar to leopards or lions it lives in the savannah.
It has like orange body and normal head.
It has big tooth and it can kill some other animals ;snakes, sheeps and hyenas.It is carnivore.
It hate the water and it runs very, very fast.

Sara R: My animal

They are animals that live in not very depp tropical waters, in all North and South America. They haven´t got legs, teeth, stomach and scales. They have got a tail, a head and eyes. They aren´t dangerous, but if it´s necessary they use their tail to fight. They eat tiny invertebrates animals such as crustaceans. They can swim, but thay are not very good swimmers. They can change the color of their body to hide from their predators, and to get involve with their environment.


This animal is carnivore and terrestrial. It is yellow, orange and brown. It has four legs, long teeth and short ears. It is like a cat but in bigger. It is long and heavier it can weigh from 4o to 100 kilograms. It has tail, a longer tail that can measure between 66 and 78 cm. This animal eats: goats, deer, elk, mice, fish and birds. They can live until 16 years. It lives throughout America especially in mountainous areas and forest areas. This animal can climb and run. it is very  dangerous. Can you guess it?

Sara s: My animal

My animal has got four legs, a small tail and small ears. 
It´s usually brown, but some of them are white.
They can run fast and they usually eat fish. 

My description of an animal

It's brown, it's got two legs and two hands.It's got long tail and a small head.
It's can be tall or smaller.It's not heavy. It's very funny. it's got hair at all the body.
It lives in the forest and it loves bananas.It can climb trees and run with the hands and the legs.
My animal description
It's a reptile. It s got four legs and many teeths. It's heavy, long and very dangerous. It lives in marshes and eat meat. It can swim.
                                             what animal I am talking about? Luck


Hello boys and girls Im Christian and im going to tell you the animal that i have chosen.

Its a black animal , it have yellow eyes and its very dangerous!!
He eats meat and is on dangerous of extinsion.
He cans climb, swim, and kill you hahaha.
I have choosen this animal because is very nice.
He lives in South America.


Andrea: My animal

It`s got four legs, a short tail, normal head, it`s yellow-brown, it`s teeth are normal and dangerous.
When it placed in two legs, is even higher and larger than humans.
It lives in forests and they are omnivores.
It can run very fast and climb too.

Daniel my animal

My animal has got four legs and a tail.
It's sometimes big and sometimes small but it isn't never bigger than your shoulder but it can be bigger than your hips. It isn´t usually dangerous but sometimes it is. The colours of this animal are very variate: white, black, brown, black and white, ...
It lives usually in houses because it is a domestic animal and it eats almost all the things you give to it

vladys animal

                                                           My animal description

It hasnt no legs, no arms, no ears it has got a head and wings.
It can fly, swin a dive a lot of time.
It live mainly in the sea, but sometimes they go flying.

Adrián's animal

It's got tail and teeth
It hasn't got legs and it's a mammal.
It is long,tall and heavy.It isn't dangerous.
It lives in the sea.It eats plankton.
It can swim very fast and it can eat a lot of tones of plankton in a day .

Can you guess what animal is it ?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentine's

At the library, during the break, there is a sweet present for you.