Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Adjectives to describe cities

High Diver
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Here you have some exercises and activities to refresh and even widen the vocabulary to describe cities that we have learnt in class. You can find not only a matching opposite adjectives exercise, but even the pronunciation of the words. Enjoy!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

hello all, I remain in Canada if you want to know as I was, I hope you are well and pass all subjects boys XD

Monday, 16 May 2011


I was a very famous Spanish writer.
I died on the same day as Sharespeare on 23rd April 1.616.
I did wrote novels and I did wrote for the teatre.
I wrote "El quiejote de la mancha"


Saturday, 14 May 2011


I was a football player.
I played inthe salamanca.
I was a mediocenter.
I died of a heart attack.
I died in 2010.
Who was I ?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

My favorite book : New Moon

Author: Stephani Meyer.
Publisher: Alfaragua.
Main character: Kristen Steward (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob).
Plot: Soon to celebrate his eighteenth birthday of Bella, Edward decides to leave because of the danger to remain at his side and make it feared damage unintentionally. She, alone and sad, falls into a deep depression from which thought impossible to leave without having at his side to his one true love. However, soon discovers that when he makes a daring and adrelina fired, the image of Edward appears abte her with absolute vividness.
His desire to be Conel has all the big plunge leads to increasing risks even get to run recklessly on a motorcycle at full speed.
With the help of Jacob, his childhood friend and member of a mysterious Quileute tribe, Bella restore a Moor for their adventures. The icy heart of Bella is slowly thawing thanks to its growing relationship with Jacob, who hides a secret supernatural is a wolf.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My favorite book: 3 Metros sobre el cielo.

Author: Federico Moccia
Publisher: Planeta
Character: Hace and Babi
Two people fall in love, but lots f things interfere. The best friend Of Hache dies becouse he has an accident with a motorcicle. They live a lot of amagazing moments together. They think that will never be separated
H & Babi love each other a lot of but, at the end they broke up.
- I recomend this book becouse it's very beautiful and very realistic.

My favourite book: Eternidad

My favorite book is Eternidad.
Author is Alyson Noël.
The publisher in Montan. This book is of fantasy.
The character are Ever is a girl "odd", Damen is a boy very beatiful, Hven and Miles are best frinds of Ever.
Ever since a tragic accident took the lives of his parents and his sister, Ever can hear the thoughts of everyone around him, see their souls and discover his past withjust touching their skim. I addition, Ever communicates with the spirit of his sister, who visits almost every night her aunt. After several months of convalescence, Ever starts the year at a new school, where he soon gained a reputation "odd girl". Just two friends, also eccentric, Haven and Miles. But everything changes when a new boy joins her class, called Damen. He is attractive and exotic , so all the girls, icliding Haven want to larn interest. Ever, as always, remains on the sideline, but to her surprise, when Damen first looks into her surprise, when Damen first looks into her eyes, he conveys a special feeling indecribable, almost magical. Damen has no soul. With the passage of time, and despite denying it to their friends and herself , Ever can not help falling in love with him...But who is actually Damen?
My opinion is that this history a a beatiful book with lots of love, fantasy and intrigue. I recommend it becouse I think it's a very entertaining book

My favourite book: Twilight


author:Stephenie Meyer

main:Bella and Edward
1-my favorite book is:Twilight
2- the story is a bout: A girl Bella that lives with her mum.But she has to go with her dad that Charlie,to a village called Forks.Whereshe meets Edward and she folls in love with him.But after a while she realices that he is a vampire and also hes family.And lates he become her boyfriend during a baseball madch she meet James,Victoria and Lourent that want to cath her.
3-I recommend this book because: becauseit is very romantic and beautiful and beause it is and imposible love.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My superhero

SUPERHERO: Dolphinwoman
REAL NAME: Miss Dolphin
DESCRIPCION: She's got a black and blue costume with a big dolphin on the chest. She's got withe headband
ABILITIES: She can fly and swing. She can't jump.
OTHER INFORMATION: She has a especial abilitie, throw water.
She's throwing water.
She is standing on the send.
The spider is trying running.
She is looking the spider.

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Animal/Insect: butterfly
Superhero: Butterfly woman
Real name: Sara Rodrigez
Description: She' s got a long hair. His hair is blonde.
Costume: She' s got a color costums. She has a wings very big.
Abilities: She can fly. She can running very fast and jump.
In the picture:
-Butterfly is help a cat.
-She can fly.
-She is runing very fast.
-She is blonde and very beautiful
-Her wings is purple


Dog woman
animal/insect: dog
real name:sara
costume:she's got a red and pink costume.She's got a red cap and a brow mask
abilities:she's can't fly but she can run and jump
other information:she's special hair
in the picture:she's stading in from of the dogmovile

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Superhero: Catman

Superheroe : Catman.
REAL NAME : Otino.
DESCRIPTION : He's very fat and he's agilie.
COSTUME : He's got a blue mask, he's got bottes purple and he's got a green collar. ABILITIES : He's got jumping and fast running but he can't swimming.
The cat is running.
The mouse is saving a supermarket.
The cat is following a mouse.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Superhero: Tigerman

Animal / insect: tiger
Superhero: tigerman
Real name: Daniel
Costume: is orange with blacks stripes and a black eyemask
Abilities: he can't fly but he can jump and run fast
Other information: he has got aspecial belt with specials gadgets
In the picture: he is saving a cat
he is wearing a costume that is orange with blacks stripes
the cat is gray
he is running fast
he has got pink face

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My dream house :)

The house of my dreams are ten bedrooms with very comfortable beds. The principal bedroom is a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, a closet and a small pool. There is a cinema.There are three indoor pools are a very large kitchen with a TV. The house has four floors and two elevators. There is a private beach. There is a library. In the center of thehouse is a fountain. There is a golf course is very big with the golfs carts. The living room has a Jacuzzi with two safas and a very big TV.


My dream hause.
My dream hause there are 30 bedrooms, 4 halls, 20 badrooms, and 15 toilets.
There are 2 swiming pool, 4 gym, 3 soccer field.
There are 6 flours, there are 2 lifts and 13 jacuzzis.
There is a private beach with a net of voleyball.
My bedroom is very very big, is100 metres squares, in the garagethere are 2 limusines, 3feraris, and 1 lamborghini murcielago.
In each floor there are 5 bedrooms.
There are 2 cinemas.
My dinning room is very big, there are 3 TVs, 2 sofas.
In 1 room there are a lot of computers.
In my bedroom thereis 1bed circular and 1computer.
In each swiming pool are 80 metres squares.

My dream house

My house is next to a lake and the mountainin the lake there are boats. There is a big grage got 30 cars. Of course, there is a swimming pool and next to the pool there is a gym the gym got a lot of machine. My house has got a big hall. There are a sofas for 50 people. Under the dinning room there is a big cinema. There is a popcorm and coke machine in the cinema ¡¡¡¡

Next to the cinema there is a big dinning room in the dinning room has got jacuzzi and a lot of video games.

This is my hause the 80$ million dolar


Friday, 28 January 2011

Quiz about Charles Dickens.

What do you know about the famous writer Charles Dickens? Do you know where he was born? Who did he marry? Add comments with your questions and answers about Dickens, let's share our knowledge, any contribution is welcome!
You can find lots of questions and answers about Charles Dickens and his life here:

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

the animal

It is small
It is samnal
It lakes roning
It is a pet

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The animal.

It is small
Is is green
It can't fly
It jumps
It hasn't got ears
It has got a very long tongue

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the animal

It is slow
It is short
It is four paws
It has got a shell
It is a green

The animal

It flies.
It is fast.
It has got small.
It is speack.
It is feathers.

It is a......?


It live in jungle.
It eats peanuts.
It has got four legs.
It is gray.
It has got a tail.
It is mammal.
It is slow.

Wath is it ???

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The animal

It is a mammal
It is four paws
It is very big
It lives in India
It brown eyes
It is a orange and black