Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Skull Team

It was a night any one, black, silence,... when a red line appeared in the sky. It was like a gate.
     Suddenly, a figure appeared. It´s shape was like a horrible monster,... with some tentacles on the 
     mouth!!!I was about to scream after I saw blood falling from his mouth...

          It was 7:00 a.m..I got up, wash my face, dress up...e.t.c. and finally go to school.It was Monday
     8 of march.

          I was already in class, when I realised that the guy that seated next to me wasn´t there... even
     his desktop!!! I asked to my friends but they say,...and say,... and insisted,... that he didn´t even

          It was 3:30 p.m.. I was already at home, looking through the window. It was foggy. Suddenly,
     A gate like last day one appeared. This one was blue, not like the other that was red. Then, a
     skeleton appeared behind me. He wore a water coat, a shit below with strides on it, a pair of cloth

          I was about to scream, but something stoped me.
-I´m Skulduggery Pleasant, from Skull Team - he introduced - We need you.
-... what do you mean - I said surprised.
-I mean this... - he said wile he created a screen - Look.

          He showed me a video... it was he... I mean, the monster.. he was killing the guy that used to
     seat next to me!!! Suddenly the guy that has been killed disappeared with all his he´d
     never existed.
-Do you now understand? - He said but I shocked my head. But I suddenly understand. He wanted me
     to join him.
-Oh... I think... I... I´ll...I´ll have revenge. - I said - I join you.

          Skull did a click with his fingers and I appeared with the same clothes that he had, but I had a
     pair of blue jeans.
-So just practice. - he said - well meet at the old cinemas of this... city. Today at 8:00p.m.

          So I practice for an hour the magic that Skull gave me,and at 8:00p.m. I went to the old cinema (for no say th ruins of a cinema).
          There was a prety girl, of my age more o less. she had green eyes and black hair... well you
-So - she said - you´re who Skull decided to train.- I noded. - Enter.

         We entered like in the parking of the workers. and there he was, with a man (the forensic and
     normal scientist), and another girl( another magic fighter)
- We have to stop that monster- Skull said to us - I have prepared a trap..

          The "plan" was to bring him by telling him to eat my and the we kill him. I prayed not the monster to have time to eat me...

          The plan finished like we planed but.. badly to us, the moster had time to kill three people
     in front of lot of people. Then when we killed a video of how he killed people appiered.

           In one of the videos he utilized a motosaw, in other he killed one bydestroy him in peaces...
     puaj!!!, in other he introduced a big knife in the back of the guy... you imagine!!!

            Well we finally won and still now I fight with monsters. Well I have to go to save the world!!!

                                                                             THE END

                     BY : BRYAN 

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