Thursday, 31 March 2011


Animal/Insect: butterfly
Superhero: Butterfly woman
Real name: Sara Rodrigez
Description: She' s got a long hair. His hair is blonde.
Costume: She' s got a color costums. She has a wings very big.
Abilities: She can fly. She can running very fast and jump.
In the picture:
-Butterfly is help a cat.
-She can fly.
-She is runing very fast.
-She is blonde and very beautiful
-Her wings is purple


Dog woman
animal/insect: dog
real name:sara
costume:she's got a red and pink costume.She's got a red cap and a brow mask
abilities:she's can't fly but she can run and jump
other information:she's special hair
in the picture:she's stading in from of the dogmovile

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Superhero: Catman

Superheroe : Catman.
REAL NAME : Otino.
DESCRIPTION : He's very fat and he's agilie.
COSTUME : He's got a blue mask, he's got bottes purple and he's got a green collar. ABILITIES : He's got jumping and fast running but he can't swimming.
The cat is running.
The mouse is saving a supermarket.
The cat is following a mouse.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Superhero: Tigerman

Animal / insect: tiger
Superhero: tigerman
Real name: Daniel
Costume: is orange with blacks stripes and a black eyemask
Abilities: he can't fly but he can jump and run fast
Other information: he has got aspecial belt with specials gadgets
In the picture: he is saving a cat
he is wearing a costume that is orange with blacks stripes
the cat is gray
he is running fast
he has got pink face