Wednesday, 28 November 2012


                                                   THE FOX AND THE TWO RABBITS

          Once a time, two rabbits were going out of their "school", when a fox stood in front of them and said <<You are the two intelligent of the school...uh? why study that much? think that you lose you time studding when you can take advantage of it?>>. So one of them believed him. The other advertised him of the consequences, but the other didn´t believed him. the one that went with him started to miss to school seasons, and when he wanted to go back he couldn´t. The holidays came and the two brothers started to see each other and he started to lose contact with the fox until there was nothing, so the one that was before with the fox wanted to learn again. His brother understand him and taught him what he didn´t learn without any complain.

                                                                    THE END

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