Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Cat and the Mouse

The Cat and the Mouse

One day a cat felt down to a hole, and he was looking for help, a mouse heard the cat and went to the place the cat was. The mouse, with his best intentions, tried to help the cat, but the cat grabbed to the mouse, and the little animal felt down to the hole, the cat was save and went away.


One day there was a  meeting of  future Bee Queens. They had to say what they were going to do after been Queen.
One bee said that when she would be a Queen , she will send all the bees in the beehive to take honey so she will have a lot of honey for the winter . The rest of the bees told her not to do that but she insisted and
when she became a Queen she did it .
 All the bees went out to take honey and the beehive was alone. A  mouse came into the beehive and ate all the honey.


The Pig and the Mouse

The mouse always stoled the pig food. One day, the pig catched the mouse trying to stole his food.

-What are you doing?-said the pig-

-Sorry! I wont do it any more.-Said the mouse-

-If you wanted to eat my food, you only had to ask for it!-

                                                   The wolf and the lamb

One day a lamb it was in a forest, so a wolf saw the lamb and he cached.
The wolf was ready to it but the lamb said to him:
-No! dont eat me yet i have eat grass if you wait I will be better to eat.
So the wolf waited.
Later the wolf was ready to eat but the lamb said again:
-NO! dont eat me.  I have to dance to be better and you will liked my meat.

The wolf slept and the lamb very happy scaped  and she  goes with her family 

Destruction of a friendship

Destruction of a Friendship

In a friendship there are different points of view. You need experience to learn life lessons. Bad thing is that people don't admit ourselves failures, if we don't have a true relationship. Sometimes -that's what happened to me-, you musn't say the real truth not to hurt a friend feelings. When you realise you are her only friend and she hogs all your time, you have no chance of having new friends. Her influence made me be tied to her. I felt trapped by her friendship. When she realised of the truth, I "lost" her manipulated relationship and recovered my freedom. I dawned on bad people aren't that bad and good people aren't that good.


                                                   THE FOX AND THE TWO RABBITS

          Once a time, two rabbits were going out of their "school", when a fox stood in front of them and said <<You are the two intelligent of the school...uh? why study that much? think that you lose you time studding when you can take advantage of it?>>. So one of them believed him. The other advertised him of the consequences, but the other didn´t believed him. the one that went with him started to miss to school seasons, and when he wanted to go back he couldn´t. The holidays came and the two brothers started to see each other and he started to lose contact with the fox until there was nothing, so the one that was before with the fox wanted to learn again. His brother understand him and taught him what he didn´t learn without any complain.

                                                                    THE END

Zero Club

Are you bored in your computer? Come with us!

We are Zero Club we know alot of informatics,
if you want to learn more of computers contact us
in "Parque Sur" in front of  "Game Stop"

Phone: 07771 7667 6612 or 9371 6634 4578


We meet at 13:30 and we finish at 16:00 (Only Saturdays and Sundays)

The club don´t work at holidays


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Computer Games Club


Are you interested in Computer Games? We are! We meet in Sara's house every Friday at 5 o'clock to play all together. 
Every two weeks we play 3 hours and you can win great prizes. 
DON'T GET BORED!!!!! Call this number: 635784 or visit our web page:


Computer Club

Are you a fanatic of computers? Do you like computer games?

In this club you will learn to know all programs and all  buttons a computer has. Also every month you will play the computer games you would like. 

DON´T  WAIT! Phone Adrián Sánchez today on 916068548 or visit our website :

We meet on Fridays at 5 o´clock at Fernando De Ríos library.

Computer Games Club

Computer Games Club
Are you interested on computer games?
Come to our club!

Every Friday at 6 o'clock we meet in My house and play computer games. Sometimes we go to competitions to play also there. Every month we decide one game to play all the month and if we don't have that game we all put money money to buy or rent it.

For more information call Daniel M.: 555156708
Or visit our website:

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Music band club!!

Do you play any instrument? Do you want to play in a classical band? This is your place!

we have instruments like: bassoon,guitar,oboe,saxo... all instruments.we also sell them. We meet mondays,wenesdays, and fridays in TOMAS Y VALIENTE.
 We play them and in christmas,saint cecilia, and more days of the year we  play with songs that we prepare.

PHONE TO: PRESIDENT:Alexia parra(1685624328)



Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hallowing Drawings

Here there are the Halloween drawings you have created. I congratulate you for this great work.
Monica thanks for your idea.


The Skull Team

It was a night any one, black, silence,... when a red line appeared in the sky. It was like a gate.
     Suddenly, a figure appeared. It´s shape was like a horrible monster,... with some tentacles on the 
     mouth!!!I was about to scream after I saw blood falling from his mouth...

          It was 7:00 a.m..I got up, wash my face, dress up...e.t.c. and finally go to school.It was Monday
     8 of march.

          I was already in class, when I realised that the guy that seated next to me wasn´t there... even
     his desktop!!! I asked to my friends but they say,...and say,... and insisted,... that he didn´t even

          It was 3:30 p.m.. I was already at home, looking through the window. It was foggy. Suddenly,
     A gate like last day one appeared. This one was blue, not like the other that was red. Then, a
     skeleton appeared behind me. He wore a water coat, a shit below with strides on it, a pair of cloth

          I was about to scream, but something stoped me.
-I´m Skulduggery Pleasant, from Skull Team - he introduced - We need you.
-... what do you mean - I said surprised.
-I mean this... - he said wile he created a screen - Look.

          He showed me a video... it was he... I mean, the monster.. he was killing the guy that used to
     seat next to me!!! Suddenly the guy that has been killed disappeared with all his he´d
     never existed.
-Do you now understand? - He said but I shocked my head. But I suddenly understand. He wanted me
     to join him.
-Oh... I think... I... I´ll...I´ll have revenge. - I said - I join you.

          Skull did a click with his fingers and I appeared with the same clothes that he had, but I had a
     pair of blue jeans.
-So just practice. - he said - well meet at the old cinemas of this... city. Today at 8:00p.m.

          So I practice for an hour the magic that Skull gave me,and at 8:00p.m. I went to the old cinema (for no say th ruins of a cinema).
          There was a prety girl, of my age more o less. she had green eyes and black hair... well you
-So - she said - you´re who Skull decided to train.- I noded. - Enter.

         We entered like in the parking of the workers. and there he was, with a man (the forensic and
     normal scientist), and another girl( another magic fighter)
- We have to stop that monster- Skull said to us - I have prepared a trap..

          The "plan" was to bring him by telling him to eat my and the we kill him. I prayed not the monster to have time to eat me...

          The plan finished like we planed but.. badly to us, the moster had time to kill three people
     in front of lot of people. Then when we killed a video of how he killed people appiered.

           In one of the videos he utilized a motosaw, in other he killed one bydestroy him in peaces...
     puaj!!!, in other he introduced a big knife in the back of the guy... you imagine!!!

            Well we finally won and still now I fight with monsters. Well I have to go to save the world!!!

                                                                             THE END

                     BY : BRYAN 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Veronica´s Ghost

You should never put yourself in the mirror and repeat nine times followed by the name of Veronica. I know you may have heard this story ... You might think it's a lie and you don’t believe me... okay, it's okay, but please do not make fun of it and that you can fall into a terrible curse.

Veronica was14 year old girl doing spiritualism in an abandoned house not follow the rules of the ghosts, mocked throughout the invocation and a chair in the room came alive and fatally struck in the head. But vengeance of spirits did not end here: Veronica still not at peace. His spirit is eternally damned and now it is she who wants revenge on everyone who does not know how to respect the Hereafter.

Mary was a girl he met in college legend. She was too old to believe in that crap, she thought and laughed. Her friends were bitten, because if it was not so brave would have no problem in doing so. He went to a bathroom, accompanied by a companion and he did. Nothing happened and the group, laughing, quickly forgot it.

But Mary could not forget. By doing indesscriptible shivered ... and his nightmare began that night. Lying in bed, awakened by a strange sound. It was an indecipherable whisper heard near the neck. Also felt like someone breathing on his neck. Frightened, she got up and turned on the light. Nothing beside him. But he could not sleep all night.

The next day, he did not dare tell anyone of the university but was still terrified by what had happened the night before. In half of the class had to leave the service. When she entered the bathroom, it was very cold and a layer of fog covered the mirror. Mary cleaned by hand and saw with horror that after she had a girl with an expression of hatred and blood to the head. When he looked back, there was nobody. He laughed nervously, thinking it was all his imagination, nerves and fatigue. However, turning to the mirror he saw something that left white. The fog had written sentence: "You should not invite me back."

Mary could not stand it. Locked in an asylum, saying only that the ghost was tormenting Veronica. He could not stand it and ended up committing suicide.

I would think twice before getting in the Hereafter
One day I was in the cementary, puting flowers to my grandmother,when the sky  blue and cleare become black, and claudy.
-What happens? I said, but I dont give it  so importance.

Then I hear some noises like if a door were opening and I was more scared.

-What happens mum? Hello mum come here!

I run to the doors but all of them were close i run and run but  I never got to  get away from that
sinister place. I was terrified.  I shouted a lot and in that moment I think that the day for me was been more longer. T he sky  become more dark  and  a lot of steps were following me and I was hearing:

- We need help,alexia,alexia,we need help,alexia,alexia,alexia....

What they are? i thougth.But when I look behind me....


Alphabet Taught to Kids Nowadays

Via Fran Muñoz at Teaching English. Thanks!!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The zombie town

There was once a town completely unoccupied. One autumn afternoon, reached the abandoned village a traveler who took the wrong road.

He knocked on the door of the first hut and then ... appeared a hungry zombie and a cannibal, when suddenly the traveler caught and killed. The zombie ate his brain and cannibal ate the flesh of his whole body. Since that occurred, the travelers ghost tries to scare the people that passes through there for not happening to them the same that happened to him.

The following year, I was passing by, carrying a shotgun and two pistols parts, not afraid of anything. I went to the ghost town and warned me of the danger, I went into the cabin and there were the two beasts. First I killed the cannibal (was easy), but with the zombie was not the same: I shot a bunch of times until finally got killed. The trouble was that he bitted my arm so hard that he tore it.

I felt strange sensations and discovered that I became one of those beasts. I bitted all people I met. That became a huge chaos.

A Boarding School

A new boy came  to a boarding school on 31st October.
There, during the night ,everybody was frightened and they slept all together.
It was said that a man was looking for a child with a spot on his back.He had just left prission and he wanted his  unknown child with him.The man came every night to the bedroom while everybody was sleeping looking for him .
During the day, the teachers said that they had seen someone running on the playground and also they had found some children clothes.

The new boy was frightened because he didn´t know his father and he had a spot on his back.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The 31st of October

The 31st of October
It was 31st of October, all the children were dressed up as monsters, mummies, skeletons, vampires... One child saw at one mirror a sentence that sayed: "Today 31st of October, one person will died". The child was very scared and he ran with his friends, they ask him what was happening, and he told all to them, but they saw a car running over a person, and they were very frightened, then they saw another sentence at a wall that sayed: "Today 31st of October, one spirit of a person will chased you". Then they saw like a person flying and they remembered the second sentence, they went to another place and the spirit was chasing them. Later they saw another sentence that sayed: "Today 31st of October, will happen to you horribles things".
                                                                                                                                  The End

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Dreams

                                                      HAPPY DREAMS

Hello my name is Jacksd.
I was one of the 2000 habitants of my town called saint cracker.
Our town it was misterious town well a leyend said that on the 31 of october a men will kill
2 people with cold blood and with lot of laugh.
One day a women and a child were kidnap and two years later the found them but they were deads.
The problem that when they found them it was 31 of october and when there was missing it was 31 og october.
People of the town were scary well the leyend were truth.

Im telling you this because this night i will kill you with cold blood.

My name is jacksd and I did that terrible murder 

with love .... Jacksd        Good dreams.....