Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Music and dance club

Do you like singing or dancing? We do! Good or bad, you are invited to join our club. We meet at Louis house all Mondays and Fridays at 17:30. Every three months we  prepare a special dance and we take our best singers and dancers and we make a tour around Madrid.
The rules are:
1. Respect the classmates.
2. Bring friends
3. Have fun!
Phone Maddy on 29918972 or visit our website:

Monday, 30 December 2013


Are you a tennis player? Good or bad, you are welcome at our tennis club. We train mondays and wednesdays at the hour you want.
There's also a lot of competitions each week and you can win prizes.
To be in this club, you only have to pay 30 euros each month.
Don't wait, play tennis.
Phone Álvaro this week on 669874563 or visit our website : www.tennisforever.es

Thursday, 26 December 2013


Come and join to us to have fun.
We train on monday, wednesday and friday from 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock. we play matches with other clubs on saturdays.
If you want to join us you have to pay 20€ for all the year. If you have doubts phone to this number: 633895423. I hope you will join us. Thank's for your atention, be happy.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Song culb

If you like sing you must come  to the song club.
We  meet every  Thursday at the teatre at 18:00. We make a sing competition  every  three moth.
If you want  to be famous came here and isng with us.
This is an oportunity  is free
 Callle to senaida 639223417

Monday, 23 December 2013

Tennis club

Are you intersting in tennis? Are you a good or a bad player don't worry you can joint to this club, we meet the thrusday and the tuesday of sfevery week to have lesson's of tennis wirh a teacher of 7 o'clook to 8 o'clook.
Every month we have like a lig with other clubs.You have to bring a racket and you only pay 20 euros each month.
Came to tennis club.
Samuel de la iglesia 665493952.e

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Do you like pop music? Selena Gomez, Ke$ha, Rihanna...We don´t care.
If you like pop music this is you place!We meet every friday in Sonic Boom shop.
We always talk about singers, we critic songs, and also we send all new albums.
Don´t wait, phone Luis today on 643 21 90 76 or visit our website: www.Sonicboom.com       

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Volleyball Club

Are you interested in volleyball? we are!we meet in the high school Dionisio Aguado.we start at 4.00 o,clock and we finish at 6.00 o,clock.We do competitions in February,May and December and we compited with other school.

Come to volleyball club!
Call Ana to the next phone:629442317
And also you can visited our website on:

Monday, 16 December 2013

Dance Club.

Are you interested in dances,well come to our freestyle classes and you will learn a lot of types  of dances.
Don´t stay at home!!! Every year we do in lots of places competitions of dances and we do lots of coreographies.We meet on tuesdays and thrusdays at five o´clock.
We practice the dances in Studio DC in Móstoles, if you wanrt to came phone 13798-100341 ask for Harry.

Swimming Club

If you like the water, this is your new club.
In this association we practice and realiced competitions of swimming.
Every year, we preparated for the competitions and you can win great prizes!

Call the club: 61 222 23 11


Do you like Kase.O,Nach or Violadores Del Verso?Are you interested in RAP?Came to Manoteras Park at 7:00pm every Monday and we will talk about new rap songs and singers we like!Same months came rap singers and we have a lot of fun singing and talking with hims.
              Came and R of Revolution,A of Attitude and P of Poetry!
Call:Lucas 345286510

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Two Monkeys And The Bananas

One day,in the coast of a tropical island,a monkey was trying to take same bananas from a tree for eat at night.The monkey was very flexible and know how to climb the tree but he doesn't have a lot of force for take it out from the tree.So another monkey came and also try but he doesn't climb very good but the was so strong that can take more that tree bannanas in once!They try a lot of times but they can't.While,one little bird that was watching they, and say to the monkeys that maybe is a good idea to try together.So they do,first the monkey tht know how to climb,go to the uper part of the tree and the other go also helping with a rope.Then,they cut the bananas and the go down and ate but also the reflxionated and one for each say the thing that the two tougth:"Together we are stronger"

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Hen with the blue wings.

One day in a small village two hens were talking about a hen that was different than the others,because the hen doesn´t have white wings it has got blue wings.
-Why are you blue? asked a hen laughing.
-I don´t know...said the hen.
The hens were laughing of the hen,but the hen doesn´t care because she thinks that was pretty with this special wings.A day a rooster appeared with also blue wings.
-Why are you also with blue wings? asked the rooster.
-I don´t know and you? asked the hen.
-I don´t now also... said the rooster.
The moral is if you think that you are different and alone,                 don´t think it, can be another like you.

The Two Foxes

In a big town there was a fox that he study always he had an exam and he always took very good marks. The farher of the fox did a pact with his son. The pact was that if he took an excelent he will have a lot of presents for Christmas holiday. And therewas another fox that his father and mother said to himthat they wanted that him took good notes. But the fox said in his head:No , i will not do it. The other fox that was so inteligenttook all A (excelent) and his father recompense him all the Christmas. But the other fox failed one signature and his parents punish him.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The lion and the tiger

Pone day was a lyon sleeping when a earthwake attack TVE forest where the was sleeping the lyon wake up at in the moment that he gets up see that a rock very hevy falls into him.TVE lyon with his forcé stop TVE rock when pasa five minutes the lyon don can the rock pone minute more at the same time pass a tigger and say to TVE lyon :                                 You quere help to move the rock.                                 And the lyon said:                                Yes ,please                           TVE tigger go runing to TVE lyon and help him to move the rock ,the lyon and the tiggercan move the rock and the lyon selves his life.         Moral: are best four hands that two.

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Two Foxes and the Old Frog

One day an old frog was taking a walk and found his friend the fox, that was fighting with another fox for a little chicken that the two of them had hunted in the morning. They where saying:
-That chicken is mine! Shouted one of the foxes, very angry.
-No, it's mine! Said the friend fox, that was a little bit angry too.
The frog quickly went to them, and said:
-Why don't you share it? It's a better way than fightin. Said the old frog. that was very wisdom.
-It's better to share than fight. Said the old frog.
The wisdom is better than force.

The Dog and the Fox

There was a dog that was a very good animal and have a lot of friends but, he had more trust in his best friend, the fox.The dog did not know that his friend the fox, was very cunning.The fox had planned for a few months how take everything that had the poor and innocent dog,(the dog was very rich).
The fox told to the dog,that some animals have stolen everything:the clothing,the money,the car,the food...and also that they had burned the house.The dog,as was very good,he lets to the fox money, food, clothing,house .... and little by little he was giving everything to the fox.
One day the fox disappeared with everything that had the dog and never was known more of the fox...but he let a note saying:
Trust can be dangerous.

The Bear and the Lion

Once upon a time, a bear and a lion were foun.
They were both very hungry; so they decided to pick up some fruits from a tree near. The lion climed onto the shoulders of the bear and seeing that the lion was going, the bear said to the lion:

-And my part of the fruit?

-There's nothing for you- said the lion.

-But I helped you to pick up all the frui!- said the bear.

-You should have thought before- said the lion.

MORAL:Do not trust someone you do not know.


Once upon a time, there was a lion that was more stronger than a poor fox. When they where knowing themselves better, the lion said to the fox: go to the forest and bring me food. At the same time that the lion finishes he's sentences, the fox asked: why i'm going to bring to you food?
Then the lion answerd: because supposedly you're weaker than me, whether i'm going to tell you to do do all the things that i tell you. When the fox goes to the forest, he was going to find a dead animal in poor condition. When the lion has eaten that, he has became ill.
The moral is that intelligence overcomes force.

The Rabbit and the Turtle

One sunny day, a deer invited the turtle and the rabbit to a party in the opposite part of a huge gap in the ground. They accepted the invitation and when they where going to the party they found the gap.
-What should we do?-said the turtle
-We should take a run and jump fast, very fast-said the rabbit
He said it and he did it. He took a run and he run as fast as he could to the edge of the gap. But he couldn't reach the other side and he fall down to the water of the gap.
-Poor rabbit-said the turtle.
He thought all the day and all the night how could he pass the gap. But when he realized the time, the party was finished.

"Not too fast but not too slow."

The Rabbit and the Dog

One day there was a rabbit that was green.He was very sad because he had no friends and her family refused him.One day he went to the park and saw a dog that dont have an ear, then the rabbit came and told the dog:
-Why you dont have an ear?
and the dog answered him:
-I'm dont have this ear because two years ago a dog bit my ear,and my owners took me to the vet to cut my ear.
and the rabbit said:
-And you have friends?
and the dog answer:
-Yes,and you?
and the rabbit said:
-No,I dont have any friends because every one discriminated me.
and the dog said:
-If you want we can be friends?
and the rabbit said ok.


The Rabbit and The Dog

One day, a rabbit was at a famous shop buying clothes and some glasses. The next day, she put the glasses and take a walk. Some minutes later a dog say to the rabbit: "That glasses are horrible, I prefer my blue hat." The rabbit listen what the dog said and went to his favourite shop to by a hat. The next day, she put the hat and take a walk, then, the same dog of the other day said to the rabbit: " That hat is terrible, I don't like it." And the rabbit say to the dog: " But, you said to me that you prefer a hat?", and everyone were laughing. A tortoise said to the rabbit:
" Do not listen to the opinions of others, you choose your own decisions."

The Ant and the Scorpion

One day a scorpion was walking on the grass, and then he saw  one ant walking over there. The scorpion said to the ant, ``I´am bigger than you´´ and the ant said, ``It doesn´t mine if you are bigger than me, because I can do the same thing than you and all the big insects .Then they begam to discuss and the scorpion said , ``But the scorpions are more strong and dangerous because they have poison´´.                                          When the ant heare that., he begam to go to the gym an to do bad things for be more dangerous than the scorpion. Then he tray to inyect  poison in his body because he want to be a scorpion and have poison,but he  die.
``You have to love you the way you are , and not the way the others like´´

The Kangaroo That Was Jumping Backwards

In a very distant country, there was born a kangaroo that instead of jumping towards ahead, was jumping backwards. Through the fault of this quality, his friends were laughing at him.
The kangaroo, which was very sensitive, was suffering very much and, every night, was putting to cry in a corner.
The sir owl, intelligent, approached him and said to him:
-Of nothing is going to serve you to cry so much. If you strain and practise a little bit, you will be capable of jumping towards ahead.
The kangaroo understood that the sir owl had reason. On the same night it started practising. It was progressing very fast and, one day, the kangaroo gave a jump exhibition towards ahead.
Happy and proud, it started seeing that it was like the others.

The Fox and the Rabbit

There was a fox,that always wanted to do bad things and jokes to other animals.One day,when the fox go to sleep,had a nightmare,that was about a wolf, that kill many animals, and decided to be a better animal, so like that have more friends.
So, the next day,the fox,think about her dream,and also decided to be a better animal,and don´t be so bad with the others.First,she decided to be kindest with the birds.She go next to the birds,and started to sing the beautiful songs that they always sing.And then she started to climb the trees where the birds were, to speak and be kind with them,but the birds thinked that she wanted to eat them, and go flying;the fox, get sad because during all the day she tryied to be better with the else,and all go away of her.The fox, sit on the floor,next to a tree,and  started to cry because she was thinking that she will never have any friends.Then, a rabbit get near the fox,to know why was she crying,the fox tell the rabbit all that happened her and the rabbit say her:
Try to be good, is never useful, if your past was bad.

The Lion, the Cat and the Villagers

There was a small town outside Spain,where there the villagers and his boos, the lion live.
The lion was very greedy unlike his bestfriend the cat that has little but was content. One day the cat said to the lion: "stop being greedy or you will be alone" said the cat.The lion ignored the cat, and with each day passing he start to steal the villagers and of consequence he became alone,he only has the cat.
Other day the villagers do a trap to him,to get rid of it.The lion do the villagers go him a statue on his house. when the statue was finish,inside it was empty.That night the villagers go inside the statue ,when the lion was sleeping they go out, destory and sotole al his house .
When the lion sow it he sai "The cat was right."

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Kind Mole and the Vagrant Rat

One day there was a mole walking in the street and he saw a vagrant Rat.He said "Give me some money please".The kind Mole take the Rat in his house.The Rat take a shower,eat something and go to sleep.In the morning the Rat ask for breakfast and the kind Mole give to he.Then the Rat started to ask for a lot of things:
clothes,a car,some money...And the Mole give to he."Only one more thing"say the inteligent Rat."What?" say the Mole tired."I want your house"."OK"say the Mole thinking they can live in peace together.But the evil Rat say "Out of my house,NOW!And the poor Mole loose everything.
"You can be kind, but not silly".