Thursday, 31 January 2013

HI Johan, 
I am going to celebrate my birthday on FRiday y know that was last Sunday but it is ok.It´s at half past five p.m. in my house, can you said your sister to come at five o´clockp.m.?We are preparing some games to play .
Don´t forget to bring you guitar.
see you soon


     Hi Adrián
 Please can you came to my birthday party. It's on Friday the 8th of Febrary and starts at 5:30                     p.m. I'm having the party at the Burguer King of the Carrefour. Can you invite Maria, please? I don't want to call her! 

    See you 

Hi Cristina:

Please come to my birthday party.It is on Friday 19 October at my house.There will be a very big cake.
And also,can you bring me a videogame ? I hope you can.

Please see you there