Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My dream house :)

The house of my dreams are ten bedrooms with very comfortable beds. The principal bedroom is a bathroom with a Jacuzzi, a closet and a small pool. There is a cinema.There are three indoor pools are a very large kitchen with a TV. The house has four floors and two elevators. There is a private beach. There is a library. In the center of thehouse is a fountain. There is a golf course is very big with the golfs carts. The living room has a Jacuzzi with two safas and a very big TV.


My dream hause.
My dream hause there are 30 bedrooms, 4 halls, 20 badrooms, and 15 toilets.
There are 2 swiming pool, 4 gym, 3 soccer field.
There are 6 flours, there are 2 lifts and 13 jacuzzis.
There is a private beach with a net of voleyball.
My bedroom is very very big, is100 metres squares, in the garagethere are 2 limusines, 3feraris, and 1 lamborghini murcielago.
In each floor there are 5 bedrooms.
There are 2 cinemas.
My dinning room is very big, there are 3 TVs, 2 sofas.
In 1 room there are a lot of computers.
In my bedroom thereis 1bed circular and 1computer.
In each swiming pool are 80 metres squares.

My dream house

My house is next to a lake and the mountainin the lake there are boats. There is a big grage got 30 cars. Of course, there is a swimming pool and next to the pool there is a gym the gym got a lot of machine. My house has got a big hall. There are a sofas for 50 people. Under the dinning room there is a big cinema. There is a popcorm and coke machine in the cinema ¡¡¡¡

Next to the cinema there is a big dinning room in the dinning room has got jacuzzi and a lot of video games.

This is my hause the 80$ million dolar