Sunday, 9 March 2014


The Dogake is a domestic animal in danger of extinction because they don't have were to live and they don't have a lot of food. You can have it at home, they only eat vegetables. It has head of dog and body of snake.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

My animal is:The horsfant

He's a  hervivore animal, he is a very elegant animal you can see it in the zoo and in the circus he have the biggest nose that in the world could have.And when he want to put her shoes on he goes to the blacksmith's house

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


el lioen

This animal is form from the head of a lion and the body of a elephant
,this animal is carnivore (eats meat),is slow and fat .
This animale  have two ears une mouth and two eyes .
The peaple say that this animal is the most dangerous on the


This animal is 50% rat and 50% owl. It has two short ears, four legs, one large tail and a peak. It can be white, brown, grey or black. They are carnivore and they live on the ground. They aren't dangerous at all, but if you disturb them you will come out losing.

Monday, 3 March 2014


This is my animal de Penguish. This animal live in Alaska. It's in danger of extincion, is oviparous,omnivore, and is small and black and blue . This animal eats very small fishes of the sea. My animal likes to swim in the ocean


It is very inteligent it lay eggs and have two legs . It is white, have a big nose , two winds and a little tail . It eat a lot . it is herbivore and its can be aggresive.


My animal is a combination of shark and horse.It has four legs, a long tail, two small eyes, a large mouth; with sharp teeth. Is very dangerous on land or in water. It can run very fast and swim. It breathe throught gills in water and throught lungs on land. It lives in The Caribean's Island. It's in danger of extinction because people kill this animals to take their skins for making clothes.
The dogear is a dog/bear.His hair is yellow and brown.His ears are small and long.His eyes are big.He has a big nose.He is wearing a green necklase.He has his tongue out.He is sitting.His legs are big,he has many hair.This animal can run not very fast.And he gives very big hugs.


The dushark is a mix of a duck and a shark. Its got small eyes, an orange peak, two big wings which let him fly and a blue tail of a shark. Its white and blue and orange on the peak. Its live on the sea and eats meat and plants. Its an omnivore animal.
This is my:

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Cocoger

The cocoger:  its green with the legs orange and black ,it live on land, near rivers, its carnivore, it can run but not very fast, its agressive. It has a very dangerous bite, on the legs has sharp nails and  it has the body cover with scales.


The Beagle is omnivore, it eats little animals and also some plants. It have a very long and sharp beak and big eyes. It body is big and heavy, with hair. It have two short legs and two strong arms. It measured approximaly 1,50 metres and weight 120 kilograms. Is a solitary animal and normally live in caves.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


The snakat has a very big head and a thin and a large body.This animal is very fast,is very thin,it has two eyes,one nose,two ears,one mouth and a large tail.They live on land.They live in Africa´s savannahs.Its herbivore and they aren´t dangerous animals.The head is grey and the rest of the body is green with blue dots.