Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Two Monkeys And The Bananas

One day,in the coast of a tropical island,a monkey was trying to take same bananas from a tree for eat at night.The monkey was very flexible and know how to climb the tree but he doesn't have a lot of force for take it out from the tree.So another monkey came and also try but he doesn't climb very good but the was so strong that can take more that tree bannanas in once!They try a lot of times but they can't.While,one little bird that was watching they, and say to the monkeys that maybe is a good idea to try together.So they do,first the monkey tht know how to climb,go to the uper part of the tree and the other go also helping with a rope.Then,they cut the bananas and the go down and ate but also the reflxionated and one for each say the thing that the two tougth:"Together we are stronger"

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