Monday, 9 December 2013

The Fox and the Rabbit

There was a fox,that always wanted to do bad things and jokes to other animals.One day,when the fox go to sleep,had a nightmare,that was about a wolf, that kill many animals, and decided to be a better animal, so like that have more friends.
So, the next day,the fox,think about her dream,and also decided to be a better animal,and don´t be so bad with the others.First,she decided to be kindest with the birds.She go next to the birds,and started to sing the beautiful songs that they always sing.And then she started to climb the trees where the birds were, to speak and be kind with them,but the birds thinked that she wanted to eat them, and go flying;the fox, get sad because during all the day she tryied to be better with the else,and all go away of her.The fox, sit on the floor,next to a tree,and  started to cry because she was thinking that she will never have any friends.Then, a rabbit get near the fox,to know why was she crying,the fox tell the rabbit all that happened her and the rabbit say her:
Try to be good, is never useful, if your past was bad.


  1. I like the fabule and the moral is a good lesson for many people.

  2. I like your fable and I think it`s good for us and for all the people