Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Kind Mole and the Vagrant Rat

One day there was a mole walking in the street and he saw a vagrant Rat.He said "Give me some money please".The kind Mole take the Rat in his house.The Rat take a shower,eat something and go to sleep.In the morning the Rat ask for breakfast and the kind Mole give to he.Then the Rat started to ask for a lot of things:
clothes,a car,some money...And the Mole give to he."Only one more thing"say the inteligent Rat."What?" say the Mole tired."I want your house"."OK"say the Mole thinking they can live in peace together.But the evil Rat say "Out of my house,NOW!And the poor Mole loose everything.
"You can be kind, but not silly".


  1. Is a good fable, Alex, I like it, is great !

  2. I like the moral, I think is a very good fable!