Thursday, 3 January 2013


Sometimes, I celebrate Christmas days with my grandparents in my village called Almendral de la Cañada (Toledo). Another times, I celebrate them in Fuenlabrada .
A week before Christmas , my family and I start decorating the Christmas Tree and we also put The Nativity Scene with The Three Wise Men, God Christ , Saint  Joseph etc.

In my village, they usually do a Living Nativity Scene in which the children and some adults participate.In New Year's Eve,after eating the 12 grapes, they also do a "big fire"  outside the village.Everybody goes to see it and they wish Happy New Year to each other.

This year I'm going to stay in Fuenlabrada in Christmas Eve and  I will go to my village to celebrate New Year's Eve with my cousins and my grandparents.

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