Thursday, 16 February 2012

Guessing Game: Facts about a Celebrity´s Life

  • He was American.

  • He lived from 1904-1991.

  • He was a writer and a poet.

  • He wrote more than 40 children´s books.

  • His birthday was March 2nd, which is now celebrated in the U.S. with special reading activities in schools.

  • He did not work in a hospital, although his name makes him sound like he did.

  • Some of his books have been made into plays, movies, and television specials.

  • Many of his books are animals (like cats) who talk, wear clothes (like hats) and cause trouble.

Please leave a comment with your guess! Remember to write your name, too! Good luck!


  1. i think is Dr. Seuss i am karen.

  2. I think Theodor Seuss Geisel

  3. I think it is Dr.Seuss i am Maryam