Saturday, 23 April 2011

My favourite book: Eternidad

My favorite book is Eternidad.
Author is Alyson Noël.
The publisher in Montan. This book is of fantasy.
The character are Ever is a girl "odd", Damen is a boy very beatiful, Hven and Miles are best frinds of Ever.
Ever since a tragic accident took the lives of his parents and his sister, Ever can hear the thoughts of everyone around him, see their souls and discover his past withjust touching their skim. I addition, Ever communicates with the spirit of his sister, who visits almost every night her aunt. After several months of convalescence, Ever starts the year at a new school, where he soon gained a reputation "odd girl". Just two friends, also eccentric, Haven and Miles. But everything changes when a new boy joins her class, called Damen. He is attractive and exotic , so all the girls, icliding Haven want to larn interest. Ever, as always, remains on the sideline, but to her surprise, when Damen first looks into her surprise, when Damen first looks into her eyes, he conveys a special feeling indecribable, almost magical. Damen has no soul. With the passage of time, and despite denying it to their friends and herself , Ever can not help falling in love with him...But who is actually Damen?
My opinion is that this history a a beatiful book with lots of love, fantasy and intrigue. I recommend it becouse I think it's a very entertaining book

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